Discover seamless travel in Rhodes Island and Roda, Greece, with our reliable transportation services. From buses to taxis, we ensure smooth journeys, allowing you to focus on exploring and making memories. Let us be your guide to hassle-free travel experiences in these enchanting destinations.

Public Bus Transportation in Rhodes Island, Greece

KTEL Rhodes: KTEL Rhodes provides a comprehensive network of routes covering major towns, villages, and tourist attractions. Their modern and well-maintained buses offer a comfortable travel experience. With regular services throughout the year and increased frequency during peak tourist season, KTEL Rhodes ensures convenient transportation options. Bus schedules, routes, and fares are easily accessible online or at bus stations.
Contact information: (website for services & schedule)
Tel: 22410 27706 (8:00-14:30)

DES Roda Bus Company: DES Roda Bus Company offers comprehensive coverage of routes connecting Rhodes town with neighboring areas. Their well-maintained buses ensure smooth travel experiences for residents and visitors alike. Bus schedules and route information are readily available online and at bus stations, making it easy to plan your journey. DES Roda Bus Company provides a convenient and affordable transportation option for exploring the charming sights of Rhodes island, Greece. (website for services & schedule)
Tel: (+30) 22410 26300

Taxi Transportation in Rhodes

One of the main means of transportation on the island are Taxis. In this link you can book your taxi online or you can call at +30 6970062232 via Phone call or Whatsapp.